• Vietnam

    In Vietnam I (Samy) was travelling alone with my bestie. Vietnam is a beautiful country and was (at least back in 2017) not as crowded as other south east Asian countries that we visited. Not many people in Vietnam speak English so it was a real adventure to communicate with hands and feet.

  • Philippines

    The Philippines belong to one of the most beautiful destinations we ever been to. Crystal clear water, perfect beaches, a simply stunning underwater world, lagoons and the famous waterfalls making the Philippines very unique.

  • Oman

    Besides the weather the Oman is offering so much more: beautiful beaches, free walking camels, stunning mountains, the desert in the north and last but not least the simply amazing many Wadis which you can find almost everywhere in Oman. But more important than the landscape are the people in Oman which are super nice. When we were travelling trough Oman we felt safe and secure all the time.